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Naming Opportunities

Many of the infrastructure projects that will be completed as a result of the Raise the Roof campaign can carry the name of a family or loved one as a tribute to them and their love and dedication to Trinity UCC. The list below identifies those specific areas that are open to these naming opportunities. The gift ranges associated with the various opportunities are not directly associated with the costs of the project; in some circumstances the gift is directed with larger projects that provide environmentally-efficient updates to systems that support those areas (as in heating and air-conditioning systems that support various office spaces in the administration area). 

Raising the Roof - Green Roof at 400 W. 95th Street


  • Total Green Roof: $1,200,000 

  • 4 Points of the Sanctuary Roof: North, South, East, West: $150,000 each 

  • Narthex: $250,000 

  • Atrium: $250,000 

  • Cool Roof: (over Administrative offices) $500,000 

  • Solar Panels: $25,000 each 

Facilitating the Work of Ministry 

Environmental Upgrades/Heating and  Air Conditioning/Infrastructure/Maintenance 

  • Lighting for 400 Building: $120,000 

  • Senior Pastor Office Suite: $50,000 

  • Board Room: $25,000 

  • Music Ministry Offices: $25,000 

  • Trustee Room: $15,000

Raising the Roof - Other Roof Projects 


  • New Roof - 532 West 95th Street: $40,000 

  • New Roof - Village Center: $70,000 

Enhancing the Worship Experience 


  • Sanctuary Lighting: $125,000 

  • Sanctuary Screens: $120,000 ($60,000 each, total of two) 

  • Monitors: $10,000 

  • Acoustical Panels: $40,000 

  • Video Upgrade: $120,000 ($20,000 each for 4 HD Cameras, $40,000 Control Room) 

  • Sanctuary Environmental Upgrade Units: $150,000 each (total of three) 

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