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Q & A

Important Questions & Answers 


Q Does this impact my regular giving? 

A Your pledge to the Raise the Roof Campaign should be an amount that God leads you to give above and beyond your regular tithes and offerings. The goal represents giving that does not adversely affect our normal operations and budget. 


Q What should be the timing of my gift? 

A Of course, the sooner the better; however, we recognize that this will all come to pass in God’s time. Once you have prayerfully considered your total gift to the campaign, you decide when you will complete your pledge (the pledge card asks for the month and year). You are encouraged to make regular payments so that a balloon payment doesn’t come due at the end of the period. Gifts are payable over five years. 


Q Will the funds raised be used for any other purposes? 

A All funds raised are to be used exclusively for projects identified in the Raise the Roof campaign. Funds will be administered in a separate account. 

Q Where does the construction work stand now?

A We are approximately halfway through our Raise The Roof construction program - Inconveniences have begun to be experienced by our members and ministries, as “Pardon our Progress” has become increasingly a part of our church life.

The reconstruction of our roof has been going smoothly. As part of that work, our old air conditioning units have been removed, and as we await delivery and installation of new units, we are vulnerable to extreme rains – that is why we may see leaks


Q Is the work having an impact on the daily functions of the church?

A Our old boilers have been scraped and removed, to make room for the assembly of new boilers. While various components are arriving and being installed, Trinity UCC will be experiencing fluctuating temperatures, depending heavily on outside temperatures.

In addition, we will soon begin work on interior projects, including laying new floors in the Atrium and Fellowship Hall, which will close these spaces to activities. We are continually investigating alternative, off-site spaces, to help us continue to do ministry. Your Ministry and Guest Services team is available to assist you

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